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Afi Ama (Spirits Most Ancient) performs music using an array of instruments such as djembe, dunun and conga drums, flutes, balafon (African parent of the xylophone), shekere (gourd rattle) and small percussion.  Guitars, keyboard, and drum set may be used for specific shows.   Afi Ama forges new artistic ideas from traditional sources. The repertoire of Afi Ama is rooted in the African Diaspora, primarily West Africa, the Caribbean, Brazil and the United States.

Kunama and Afi Ama have recorded several albums. The words and music were written and produced by Kunama Mtendaji on the title Kwanzaa Ceremonial Muisic.

Purchase music and folklore here.

Boy & The Flute" Told by Kunama at SIU-E International Festival 2014

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